• Weight: 170 g (6.0 oz)
  • Power: 15V @ < 250 mA
  • Sensitivity: 2.2 uW with 2 m fiber (5 uW with 10m fiber)
  • Dissipation: 3.8W
  • Output: Differential Square Wave (100 kHz - 7.2 MHz)
  • Usable with a variety of optical components and electronics

The Keysight E1708A Remote Dynamic Receiver is designed for use in demanding applications requiring sub-nanometer resolution of systems in motion.

It extends the performance of the Keysight 10897D High Resolution Laser Axis Board by providing system performance consistent with the high resolution and low variable data age of the Keysight 10897D.

As the Doppler shift caused by motion of the system stage changes the measurement frequency, the Keysight E1708A ensures minimal phase processing errors. It also provides immunity to errors induced by changes in measurement signal power level.

The Keysight E1708A uses an optical fiber to transport the laser beam from a remote sensor assembly to the electronics. This improves measurement accuracy and repeatability by enabling you to mount heat-producing electronics away from the measurement area. The fiber optic cable also provides increased mounting design flexibility and easier access to the receiver attenuation and squelch adjustments. 

  • Minimal phase errors for high accuracy on moving systems
  • Immune to dynamic changes in measurement signal power
  • Errors limited to ± 1 LSB over entire frequency range
  • Remote sensor for improved measurement accuracy and repeatability

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E1708A Remote Dynamic Receiver

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