• Supports Gen1, Gen2 and Gen3 SATA, eSATA, mSATA, SATA USM, SATA MicroSSD and M.2 Form Factor PHY, TSG and OOB Compliance Test
  • Setup and measurement wizard with guided connection
  • Support for BIST-T, A, S (transmit only) and BIST-L (far-end retimed loopback) test modes
  • Intelligent test selection and margin analysis specific to interface selection
  • Spread-spectrum clock modulation depth and frequency accuracy measurements
  • Complete SATA-IO logo validation tests for PHY general, transmit signal and OOB requirements per Unified Test Document 1.5
  • Automated out-of-band (OOB) burst and gap margin analysis and tests for detect/reject on COMRESET, COMINIT and COMWAKE bursts that are in/out of specified ranges

Use the SATA application to test, debug and characterize your SATA designs quickly and easily. It automatically configures the oscilloscope for each test and generates an informative HTML report at the end of the test. The application not only compare the results with the specification test limit but also includes margin analysis which indicates how closely the device passes or fails each test. In addition, the complex analysis of the SATA signals is taken cared by the application which saves user time and effort if the measurements are done manually.

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D9030SATC SATA Compliance Test Software and 30-Day Trial License

Keysight D9030SATC SATA compliance test software for Infiniium 90000 Series, V-Series, X-Series, and UXR-Series oscilloscopes.

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