• SP6T configuration
  • Operating life of 10 million cycles
  • Exceptional repeatability for more than 5 million cycles
  • Guaranteed repeatability of 0.03 dB up to 5 million cycles
  • Magnetic latching
  • Terminated ports
  • Self interrupting drive circuit
  • Fully compatible with Keysight 87130A/70611A and 11713B/C attenuator/switch drivers

The Keysight 87206B terminated multiport switch provides the life and reliability required for automated test and measurement, signal monitoring and routing applications. Innovative design and careful process control created the Keysight 87206B which meet the requirements for highly repeatable switching elements in test instruments and switching interfaces. The Keysight 87206B is designed to operate for more than 10 million cycles. The exceptional 0.03 dB insertion loss repeatability is warranted for 5 million cycles at 25° C. This reduces sources of random errors in the measurement path and improves measurement uncertainty. Switch life is a critical consideration in production test systems, satellite and antenna monitoring systems, and test instrumentation. The longevity of this switch increases system uptime, and lowers the cost of ownership by reducing calibration cycles and switch maintenance.

Note: Option 161 is default option unless specified otherwise.

87206B Multiport Coaxial Switch

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