• DC/300 kHz to 9 GHz frequency range.
  • Fast full two-port calibration with a single connection.
  • Simple non-insertable device calibration.
  • NIST traceable accurate calibrations.
  • Reduced connector wear.
  • USB interface for direct control with PNA, ENA, PXIe and Streamline series of network analyzers.
  • Reliable solid-state switching.
  • Mixed connector options are available (3.5 mm, type N 50 ohm, 4.3-10, and 7-16).

The Keysight 85092D RF electronic calibration (ECal) module makes calibration of vector network analyzers fast, easy, and accurate. ECal is a precision, single-connection calibration technique for your vector network analyzer. Performing a full two-port calibration takes less than half the time and number of connections using ECal versus mechanical calibration kits. Furthermore, the accuracy of the calibration is comparable between electronic and mechanical methods. Traditional mechanical calibrations require intensive operator interaction, which is prone to errors. With ECal, the operator simply connects the ECal module to the network analyzer and the software controls the rest.

ECal modules are transfer standards capable of transferring the factory calibration accuracy to your network analyzer. The 85092D RF electronic calibration system is easily controlled by one of two methods depending on the network analyzer. The Keysight PNA and ENA series of network analyzers control the module directly through a USB interface.

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