Take the Uncertainty Out of Low-Level Measurements

The Keysight 34420A nano-volt / micro-ohm meter is a high-sensitivity multimeter optimized for performing low-level measurements. This digital ohm meter combines low-noise voltage measurements with resistance and temperature functions. This new standard in low-level flexibility and performance provides you with accurate, repeatable measurements you can count on.

  • High-sensitivity DCV and resistance measurements at 100 pico-volt and 100 nano-ohm
  • Accurate temperature measurements with 0.003 ˚C accuracy using standard platinum resistance thermometer (SPRT) probes

Built-In Resistance and Temperature

The 34420A 7.5-digit multimeter combines low-noise, nano-Volt input circuits with a high-stability current source for precise low-level resistance measurements. This reduces the cost and complexity of using an external current source. It includes three resistance modes:

  • standard
  • low-power
  • voltage-limited for dry-circuit testing

Offset compensation minimizes thermal electromotive forces (EMFs) and associated errors.

34420A - micro ohm meter

Key Specifications

Digits of Resolution

7.5 digits

Basic 1-Yr DCV Accuracy


Measurement Functions

2- and 4-wire Resistance, Temperature, DCV

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34420A Nano-Volt/Micro-Ohm Meter

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