Use the Keysight 10768A diagonal measurement kit with the Keysight 5530 laser calibration system to enable linear measurements on four body diagonals to determine a machine tool's working volume. These measurements document the machine's capability to perform a complete check of volumetric positioning performance quickly. Perform long-term drift tests over hours or day to get the possible effects of temperature on geometry.

The 10768A diagonal measurement kit with the 5530 laser calibration system provides an individual signature for several machine tools to optimize the repeatability of diagonal measurements. You can easily determine whether the machine meets specifications to predict performance changes by using the identical machine movement.

  • Range 
    • Up to 40 m (130 ft) with linear optics
    • Up to 80 m (260 ft) with long-range option
  • Resolution 
    • 1 nm (0.04 µin) 10766A linear optics 
  • Accuracy 
    • ±0.4 ppm        Keysight E1738A air sensor
    • ±0.1 ppm         in vacuum
    • ±0.02 ppm       in vacuum and the laser is calibrated to Z540-1


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