The Keysight 10716A High Resolution Interferometer is used for single and multiple axis applications such as precision X-Y stages. The 10716A offers twice the resolution of conventional plane mirror interferometers and has the same excellent thermal stability as the 10706B High Stability Plane Mirror Interferometer. Measurement drift is typically ½ of that exhibited by a conventional plane mirror interferometer. These features result in improved accuracy, repeatability, and thermal stability. However, slew rate is halved.

The 10716A includes one 10723A High Stability Adapter (which consists of a high reflector and a quarter wave plate) for the reference, two retroreflectors for manipulating the beam path, one beam bender, and one quarter wave plate. The user must provide the measurement mirror, such as the 10724A Plane Mirror Reflector.

The 10716A Option 001 is available for optical layouts that require the interferometer to turn the beam.

  • Application: Plane mirror, high resolution
  • Distinguishing Feature: High resolution
  • # of Axis: 1
  • Maximum Beam Size: 6 mm
  • Beam Separation: 12.7 mm (0.5 in)
  • Weight: 502 g (1 lb 1.7 oz)
  • Fundamental Optical Resolution: λ/8 (79.1 nm, 3.1 µin)
  • System Resolution: λ/256 (2.5 nm, 0.1 µin) based on using 32x electronic resolution extension
  • System Resolution: λ/2048 (0.31 nm, 0.012 µin) based on using 256x electronic resolution extension
  • Reflector: 10724A or user supplied
  • Mount Used: 10711A
  • Referenced: No
  • Turned Configuration: Yes. Requires option 001 

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10716A High-Resolution Interferometer

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