Millimeter wave, wide bandwidth signal processing, and highly directional beam transmission present tremendous aerospace defense engineering challenges. Success demands precision insights into device and system performance, as well as a realistic view of the operational environment. Learn more about the solutions and software below, or start a free trial to see how Keysight software can enable your mission success.

Analyze Signals In Any Environment

Spectrum Monitoring Software

Ideal for interference detection, identification, location, and reporting

Geolocation Server Software

Use geolocation to determine the estimated position of emitters

PathWave Vector Signal Analysis

A comprehensive set of tools for demodulation and vector signal analysis

Increase Realism For Electronic Warfare Operations

Signal Studio for Multi-Emitter Scenario Generation

Simplify EW test signal creation

N7660C MESG software is subject to US ITAR export controls

EW Threat Simulation View

Develop, integrate, and test EW systems

Z9500A Simulation View software is subject to US ITAR export controls

PathWave Test Automation

Save time with connected test workflows

Pulse Analysis 89600 VSA Software

In-depth pulsed radar analysis

Assure Your Critical Communications Performance

Radio Test Software 

Fast one-button measurements and support for multi-touch screen operation

PathWave Test Automation

Simplify the integration process with this connected workflow

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