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Keysight EW Threat Simulation View

Technical Overviews

Full Spectrum Real-Time RF Modeling with Dynamic Scenario Control and High-Fidelity Visualization

Keysight EW Threat Simulation View software enables the rapid development, integration, and test of sophisticated Electronic Warfare Systems by allowing you to incrementally build out an RF System Development Environment specialized to your needs and budget.

Build: Real RF simulation of a theater environment for a system under test (SUT)

  • TDOA, FDOA, Amplitude, and Phase Interferometry DF/Geolocation
  • High density environments (millions of pulses per second)
  • Import emitter definition from legacy and government threat databases
  • Different depth of pulse-on-pulse cases and realistic threat emulation

Visualize: See every level of detail

  • Simulation gameboard to view complex entity laydowns and dynamic mission scenarios
  • Automated RF output verification with automatic entity tracking using Keysight analysis tools including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and 89600A Pulse Analysis software
  • Emitter trend graphing tools to verify expected model behavior
  • Antenna scan visualization
  • PPI display that can switch between different simulated radars for jamming response

Output: Flexible scenario options for different types of tests

  • Real-time PDWs streaming to UXG X-Series Agile Signal Generators
  • Real-time digital injection of PDWs to SUT when hardware is not available

Test the Way You Fly

Z9500A Simulation View’s scalable framework allows the incremental build out of both software and hardware to support a program’s requirements. Initially, EW Threat Simulation View can be used to create a software-only RF environment to test operational code, allowing software development to proceed without dependencies on hardware. Use of the Interface Modeling Language (IML) enables rapid implementation and test of device interfaces.

As program development progresses, and more sophisticated environments are required, additional components can be added with ease. Hardware-in-the-Loop can be introduced as needed and when available. Using high fidelity generators like the UXG Agile Signal Generator and a scalable, plug-in software architecture, a program can assemble RF test and evaluation environment early with low entry cost. The capabilities and architecture of EW Threat Simulation View:

  • Increase test assets from bench-top to multi-port high density threat simulator system
  • Utilize same test processes at all test levels from labs, to installed test facilities to open air ranges
  • Save time by importing legacy threat databases
  • Enhance capability by building additional plug-ins to optimize test life cycles

High Fidelity Antenna Model (Z9512A)

The High-Fidelity Antenna Model option increases the antenna model fidelity of the SUT receive antenna by:

  • Implementing full spherical antenna pattern with a minimum of 1-degree resolution
  • Model amplitude and phase for all points on the sphere
  • Model installed effects
  • Import elemental I and Q for each point on the sphere

License and configuration

Keysight EW Simulation View offers flexible licensing options with different terms, support subscriptions, and types of licensing shown below. However, two model numbers are required:

Z9500A Keysight EW Simulation View Bundle includes:

  • Y9500EMBC UXG Based license Keysight Simulation View for each UXG output
  • Y9500APPC PC Based license for Keysight EW Simulation View


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