Keysight World Expands with Live from the Lab

Flagship live learning events designed for engineers by engineers joins Keysight’s thought leadership series

March 6, 2023

Every year emerging technologies push companies beyond industry norms to reimagine what’s possible. Success demands keeping up with the latest developments and determining which trends will have the greatest impact in the future. Keysight helps businesses and their technical teams navigate the ever changing innovation landscape with Keysight World, a series of premier learning events designed to give decision makers the information they need most about emerging trends, engineering best practices, and technical solutions.

LFTL Feature

As part of the Keysight World family of events, Keysight World: Live from the Lab 2023 provides insights on four hot topics: 6G, quantum, layout, and power optimization. Designed for engineers by engineers and presented bi-monthly in a virtual format, Live from the Lab is the ideal place to acquire hands-on design, emulation, and test tips that can help solve tough engineering challenges.

During each Live from the Lab event, host Daniel Bogdanoff and his guest experts dig into a hot engineering trend or topic, including:

Debunking Circuit Design Myths
March 14
Find out what happens when a 50 Ω path is dipped in liquid nitrogen and get answers to other burning engineering questions.

Power for IoT
May 16
Explore the real-world performance of batteries, DC-DC converters, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Demystifying 6G and RF Engineering
September 12
Experts will break down cutting-edge wireless communication technologies.

Build Your Own Quantum Computer?
Date coming soon
Peek inside modern quantum labs and see the engineering that makes this tech tick.

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