Verify Your Network

Network test for higher Ethernet speeds, higher port densities, network switches and routers, and software-defined networks require many different technologies — both physical and virtual — used in a single network infrastructure. Every upgrade requires re-evaluating network-level traffic scale, application diversity, and attack surface resilience. End-users demand speed and security so there is no margin for error when deploying new network equipment.

Network equipment manufacturers must validate their equipment against the latest applications, traffic volumes, and user behavior diversity. Service providers and large enterprises must do the same. There can be no compromises in testing realism.

Full Network Test Across All Layers

Test functionality from the physical layer through the application layer, including software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV). We help you ensure data flows through your network and devices as it was designed to.

Layer 1

Validate your transceiver innovations and high-speed digital designs across all product development stages — design and simulation, analysis, debug, and compliance test.

Layers 2/3

Assess complex topologies with thousands of network devices including SDN/NFV, emulate sophisticated traffic flows, and conduct stress tests under a variety of network conditions.

Layers 4–7

Create realistic customer modeling scenarios with network testing software to test and emulate network and applications at scale and to measure the quality of wired converged multi-play services.

Thoroughly Test Your Solutions

Building or deploying a new network appliance does not need to be stressful. Ensure your network and its appliances are tested at every level using the most realistic traffic scenarios.


Simulate the widest variety of the latest attacks mixed with volumes of legitimate traffic to validate performance under the most realistic conditions.

Wi-Fi Networks

Completely test Wi-Fi IoT, Wi-Fi, and heterogeneous networks (HetNets) from the core to customer-facing managed services.

Cellular + 5G Networks

Create and measure the quality of 5G, LTE, and VoLTE multi-play services from the edge to the core to customer-facing managed services.

Network Test Automation

Automate Your Test Environment

Speed your testing and increase effectiveness. Testing as a Service (TaaS) offers an automated, fast, repeatable, and accurate approach to product testing. Optimize your network investments while minimizing your test equipment investments.

TaaS benefits and highlights:

  • Access to world-leading test equipment
  • Easily expensed professional assessments (CapEx vs. OpEx) based on your need
  • Proven, repeatable test plans and methodologies
  • Highly experienced test experts to supplement your own technical staff

Network Test Products


Validate Your Chip Design
The cost of fixing bugs after chip ‘tape-out’ can run into the millions of dollars. Reduce risk by testing during the pre-silicon stage. Push your design with high volumes of Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol traffic using hundreds of predefined packet templates. Run hundreds of virtualized test ports at once and dynamically shape traffic to ensure zero packet loss at maximum emulation speeds.

Virtual Test Solutions

Validate Virtual Networks

A top challenge for service providers is transitioning network devices to software functions. Boost the performance of virtualized functions using test tools and automated methodologies to validate and quantify the deterministic behavior of network functions virtualization (NFV) ecosystems throughout the virtual network functions (VNF) service lifecycle.


Improve Your Application Performance
Get the real-time insight of your users' actual quality of experience. Create synthetic Skype, Outlook 365, and web traffic on your wired or Wi-Fi network to perform node-to-node and real-service testing to improve end-user experience.

Hawkeye is a proactive monitoring platform that ensures you are the first to know what is happening in your network.

Network Test Case Studies

Whether you are a network architect, developer, or part of an operations team, your network is always changing. Simulating realistic traffic conditions of a network or carrier to ensure efficient operations is critical to overcoming any design or operational challenge.

See how we help other innovators discover and overcome network challenges.

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