How to Implement Continuous Testing in DevOps

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Incorporating continuous testing in DevOps requires integrating testing into every step of the software development life cycle. Test teams need a robust automated testing framework suitable for various types of testing, including unit, integration, functional, and performance. The process must work within a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline. This involves verifying application functionality across application programming interfaces (APIs), multi-layered technologies, and integrations.

Test automation software should support end-to-end testing and provide integrations with other DevOps tools. The test automation framework should encompass a combination of functional and non-functional testing. In addition, the results from test sequences need to be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline for analysis and reporting. Lastly, establish mechanisms for continuous feedback, enabling quick identification and resolution of issues.

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DevOps continuous testing solution

Rapid and predictable delivery of high-quality software requires integrating your test automation system with your CI/CD pipeline. Eggplant Test easily integrates into agile DevOps processes and leading CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins and Jira, to deliver a low-code, easy-to-use platform for continuous testing across the full technology stack. The solution accelerates releases, reducing the risk of a rollback by verifying the end-to-end data journey and validating the user interface layer.

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Universal fusion engine

Auto-generate test cases based on your model using Eggplant artificial intelligence. Creating tests with learning algorithms lets you test thousands of user journeys.

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CI/CD integration adapters

Extract application data to validate and accelerate test case development with Eggplant’s powerful integration adapters.

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API evaluation

Use API testing from Eggplant to ensure that the proper responses for a given back-end request are verified by the visual presentation on the front end.

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