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Keysight VEE Student Software

Keysight VEE Student 9.33 is available for a 30-day evaluation.

Keysight VEE Student has the same features as Keysight VEE Pro 9.33 with the following limitations:

Features Keysight VEE Pro 9.33 Keysight VEE Student 9.33
MATLAB Script Supported Not included*
Creating Runtime version of Keysight VEE programs and Secured version of Keysight VEE objects Supported Not supported
The Callable Server feature, i.e. calling Keysight VEE as an ActiveX automation server Supported Not supported
The Remote Function feature, i.e. importing a UserFunction that runs in another Keysight VEE process on a remote host computer Supported Not supported
Other features Supported Supported

* Although Keysight VEE Student 9.33 does not include MATLAB Script, users still can use the functionality of MATLAB in VEE as long as they have MATLAB installed on their machine. In this case, Keysight VEE Student 9.33 will use the installed MATLAB engine to process MATLAB scripts.

To download older versions of Keysight VEE Student, please visit the Keysight VEE archive.

If you are communicating with instruments using Keysight VEE, download Keysight IO Libraries Suite.

Release Date Version Version Description

Free Trial Available

2018-11-15 9.33 This self-extracting file contains Keysight VEE Student 9.33. If you wish to use VEE Student 9.33 to control instruments, you also need IO Libraries Suite.

Installs on:


Operating System

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


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