Time-to-yield at volume pressures for RFICs has never been greater. Getting it right involves taking a system-to-silicon approach. While design-for-yield (DFY) and manufacturability (DFM) approaches are necessary, the large number of simulation licenses they consume can make them prohibitively expensive. GoldenGate’s parallel corner and Monte Carlo licenses enable a cost-effective alternative by providing dedicated simulation licenses for parallel corner and Monte Carlo-based verification at a reasonable price point. 

Who will benefit?

  • RFIC designers who need to verify the yield and manufacturability of their designs.
  • CAD Managers as Monte Carlo licensing capability augments the existing GoldenGate Quad-Pack strategy giving them the flexibility needed to optimize their simulation budgets.
  • VPs of Engineering and design managers who want to reduce the risk and cost of taping out RFICs that have not been properly characterized.

Key Differentiators

GoldenGate includes a suite of automation tools including Job Manager and the Monte Carlo Console that make it easy to set up and manage simulation and data analysis for both block- and system-level performance verification.

GoldenGate with Parallel Corner / Monte Carlo licensing is the only tool that allows both multiple simulations from a single software license (Quad-Pack) and dedicated simulation licenses for corner and Monte Carlo-based verification.

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