GoldenGate RFIC Simulation SoftwareTime-to-yield at volume pressures for RFICs has never been greater and getting it right involves taking a system to silicon approach. While Design-for-Yield (DFY) and Manufacturability (DFM) approaches are necessary, the large number of simulation licenses they consume can make them prohibitively expensive. GoldenGate’s parallel corner and Monte Carlo licenses enable a cost effective alternative by providing dedicated simulation licenses for parallel corner and Monte Carlo based verification at a reasonable price point.

Why should you buy GoldenGate Parallel Corners?

GoldenGate Parallel Corner / Monte Carlo licensing helps alleviate the cost barrier for simulation based DFY and DFM.

Who will benefit?

  • RFIC designers will have the licenses they need to verify the yield and manufacturability of their designs.
  • CAD Managers -- Monte Carlo licensing capability augments the existing GoldenGate Quad-Pack strategy to give CAD managers the flexibility they need to optimize their simulation budgets.
  • VPs of Engineering and design managers who want to reduce the risk and cost of taping out RFICs that have not been properly characterized.

Why it’s better than competing DFY and DFM simulation based solutions

GoldenGate includes a suite of automation tools including a Job Manager and the Monte Carlo Console that make it easy to set up & manage the simulations and data analysis required for both block and system level performance verification.

GoldenGate with Parallel Corner / Monte Carlo licensing is the only tool of its kind available today that allows both multiple simulations from a single software license (Quad-Pack) and dedicated simulation licenses for corner and Monte Carlo based verification.

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