• Delivers lab courseware which covers the entire RF system design lifecycle
  • Helps university professors save time and resources by expanding current engineering programs
  • Helps universities easily integrate the lab courseware into current curriculum
  • Ensures students are fully updated with the latest developments in engineering

The U3851A RF Microwave circuit design, simulation and measurement courseware is a core component of Keysight’s RF Microwave Teaching Solution. The courseware includes a modular prototype kit that utilizes a 1.8-GHz receiver module, editable lab sheets and problem-based assignments which cover 50 hours’ worth of lab sessions. Through the U3851A courseware, students learn how to design an RF product end-to-end, from specification and simulation, to prototype building and validation. Students will develop practical skills in using industry-standard test and measurement instruments such as the oscilloscopes, network analyzers, signal generators and spectrum analyzers. They will also learn how to design an RF receiver with Keysight’s industry-leading electronic design and automation (EDA) software including PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) and PathWave System Design (SystemVue).

The Keysight RF Microwave Teaching Solution establishes a solid foundation in RF microwave fundamentals, paving the way for the students’ specialization in advanced 5G or IoT wireless applications. Such practical skills and real-world application knowledge gained through the courseware will make the students industry-ready and highly sought-after.

The Training Kit consists of the modular prototype kit, kit controller, RF adapters and splitter, cables (RF, power, LAN, BNC), power adapter and carry case.

  • Lab Sheets: Lab 1 – Transmission Lines, Lab 2 – Filter, Lab 3 – Low Noise Amplifiers, Lab 4 – Driver and Power Amplifiers, Lab 5 – Oscillator and Synthesizers, Lab 6 – Mixers, Lab 7 – 5G Receiver Design, Simulation and Measurement
  • Recommended instruments: Signal Generator (N9310A), Spectrum Analyzer (N9000B), Network Analyzer (N9917A), Noise Source (346B), Power Supply (E36312A), Oscilloscope (DSOX1102G), Calibration Kit (85521A)
  • Required EDA software: PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS), PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) PathWave EM Design (EMPro), PathWave System Design (SystemVue)
  • Optional Software: PathWave BenchVue
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    • Target university subject: RF and microwave design
    • Target year of study: 3rd year and final year undergraduates
    • Prerequisites: Basic circuits, signals and systems, analog electronics and electromagnetics

Sample Lab Sheet for U3851A

U3851A RF Microwave Circuit Design, Simulation and Measurement Courseware

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