• Control the relative phase between the two internal sources and/or external signal generators
  • Provide calibrated, electronic loads to an amplifier under test
  • Sweep the phase of the load while maintaining constant reflection-coefficient magnitude

The S93088B allows users to set calibrated, arbitrary phase differences between two signal sources. The sources can be the analyzer’s internal sources or external signal generators routed through the analyzer’s test set. The phase difference can be fixed, or swept between two specified phase values. The S93088B also controls the relative power level between the sources using the receiver-leveling feature.

The S93088B is targeted for active-load control, where the analyzer provides a precise, electronically settable impedance to the output port of a device, while gain and output power are measured. This capability can be combined with external load-pull software to create traditional load-pull power contours. Not available with PNA Option 200 and 210.

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