Perform waveform related processing.


AWU Essential Features (Free to use)

  • Import Keysight encrypted waveforms (*.wfm) or user defined waveforms (*.bin, *.txt/.csv/.dat, *mat, *wv)
  • Users can make resampling or specify time scale factor
  • Support SCPI command
  • Download waveforms to a specified signal generator (X-series SG, PXI VXT, VXG)
  • View waveform graph (Spectrum, Time Domain, CCDF)
  • Export waveform files (*.wfm)

AWU Premium Features (required N7618APPC license)

  • Support three kinds of guided calibration methods (Channel Equalization, IQ Calibration, Multi-tone Calibration)
  • Traditional channel equalization using the modulated reference signal (requires 89601200C/89601AYAC)
  • IQ calibration using reference sequence mainly for external IQ modulator (requires 89601200C)
  • Multi-tone calibration using multi-tone signals which won't be limited by signal generator and signal analyzer's bandwidth (requires 89601200C)
  • Users can directly import 89600 VSA's EQ frequency response trace as a correction file (csv file)
  • Import external marker file, or view/edit marker under Marker menu
  • Support waveform segments summing in time domain
  • Support multi-carrier summing in frequency domain
  • Support crest factor reduction (CFR)
  • Export bin file when all imported waveforms are uncrypted


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