Comprehensive PC-based software for flexible signal creation. Cellular, wireless connectivity, aerospace/defense, broadcasting and general purpose applications. Supports a wide variety of signal generation hardware.

Create Performance-Optimized Reference Signals

Create calibrated signals, validated by Keysight, that conform to industry standards to help enhance the characterization and verification of your devices with or without impairments.

Validate Component, Transmitter & Receiver Testing

Easily create and playback customized waveforms for component testing with virtually distortion-free test signals. Generate fully channel-coded signals including real-time mode to evaluate the throughput of your receiver. Impairments can be also added to evaluate receiver tolerances.

Ensure Designs Meet Latest Standards

Trust that the signals you generate are current with the latest emerging technologies. Keysight’s involvement in and leadership role in standards committees ensures that Signal Studio is at the forefront of evolving standards.

Speed Signal Creation & Reduce Simulation Time

Accelerate your testing with graphical tree-style navigation. Get interactive control of your signal generation through direct hardware connection with a variety of Keysight instruments.

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Free Tools to Enhance Your Productivity

Signal Studio Toolkit is a free software utility for Keysight vector signal generators that downloads and plays back custom I/Q waveforms. 

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