N2878A General Purpose Passive Probe Accessory Kit includes the most commonly used accessories for N2870A Series passive probes.


Kit includes:

  • Self-Adhesive Cu-pads (2x2cm) (set of 10)
  • Ground blade 2.5
  • Spring Tips gold plated 0.5mm (set of 5)
  • Rigid probe tip (set of 5)
  • Sprung hook 2.5mm
  • BNC probe tip adapter 2.5mm
  • Ground Lead 15cm
  • Rigid probe tip (set of 5)
  • 12 Color Coded rings (3 each of 4 different colors)
  • IC Cap 2.5-0.5 green
  • IC Cap 2.5-0.65 blue
  • IC Cap 2.5-0.8 grey
  • IC Cap 2.5-1.0 brown
  • IC Cap 2.5-1.27 black
  • Insulating cap 2.5mm
  • Protection cap 2.5mm

The Keysight N2878A general purpose accessory kit offers the most commonly used accessories for N2870A Series passive probes including IC caps, insulating cap, protection cap, ground spring, ground blade, replacement probe tips, copper pads, sprung hook, BNC adapter, 15cm ground lead and color coded rings. Order this general purpose accessory kit if you need spare parts for the standard accessories supplied with the N2870A Series passive probe.

Refer to the N2870A Series passive probe data sheet (with Keysight literature number 5990-3930EN) or N2870A Series passive probe user’s guide (with Keysight literature number N2876-97000) for the details of the accessories included in the N2878A general purpose accessory kit.


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