SystemVue ESL SoftwareProject Description and Important Information

The SystemVue 2015.01 5G Baseband Verification Library Add-on provides ready-to-use reference signal processing IP for 5G technology research especially in multi-antenna system design with advanced modem technology and mmWave channel modeling. Key updates include:

  • Multi-antenna system architectures
  • Modified 3GPP 3D channel model supporting mmWave channel characteristics
  • Advanced reference baseband modeling IP supporting various 5G candidate waveform technologies
  • Multi-channel RF behavioral model

Refer to shipped Example workspaces (Default location C:\program Files\SystemVue2015.01\examples\Baseband Verification\5GAdvancedModem )

Software Download

SystemVue 2015.01 5G Baseband Verification Library Add-on
Platform File name Download Size
Windows (64-bit) 5GAdvancedModem_BasebandVerification_2015__01.exe Download 310,556,072 bytes (296 MB)

Note: The 5G Baseband Verification Library Add-on is only supported on 64-bit systems. You must first install the Base version of Shipped SystemVue 2015.01 64-bit before you install the SystemVue 2015.01 5G Baseband Verification Library. The 5G Baseband Verification Library is an Add-on to the SystemVue 2015.01 release.


  • You will need a version 3.2 SystemVue license to use this product. Once you are licensed for SystemVue 2015.01, your new license will also enable 2013.08 and older releases.
  • To make your installation process faster, please request your new license in advance of your installation.
  • To obtain an evaluation license for new features,

Installation Instructions

This is an Add-On install package.

  1. First you need to download and install SystemVue 2015.01 from the SystemVue Software download page.

    The first time you start SystemVue, you will likely go through the authorization screens to establish licensing. If you had been running a previous release of SystemVue, the software may simply find your old license and bypass this step.
  2. Run the SystemVue 2015.01 5G Baseband Verification Library installer to add the library to the base version of SystemVue 2015.01.

Learn more about the 5G Baseband Verification Library (login required).

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