Keysight contributes to the communities where the company operates, participating in local and global volunteer efforts and supporting numerous charitable and educational organizations.

Keysight CSR

Keysight in our Communities

Keysight’s worldwide community programs tangibly demonstrate our values and commitment to societal prosperity, and directly support our corporate social responsibility key impact goals in the community and education spaces.

Corporate Community Engagement Focus Areas

While our community engagement efforts span multiple societal aspects,
corporate efforts are focused in the following key areas.


We invest and engage in accessible science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) educational opportunities around the world. Our intent is to empower creative solutions to next-generation challenges, secure a future skilled diverse workforce, and support community prosperity.

Specific efforts in this space have included:

  • K-12 STEM education outreach through our signature Keysight After School hands-on science experiments and targeted partnerships
  • Internships to provide students direct engagement in technology career paths
  • University relations and education programs for engineering students


We champion environmental stewardship to promote climate and community resiliency. Our intent is to help proliferate the sustainability of a healthy planet for all, now and into the future. These efforts also align with our environmental strategic intent to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.

Specific efforts in this space have included:

  • Local environmental cleanups outings, such as trail maintenance and litter pickup
  • Charitable support for sustainability-focused non-governmental organizations
  • Learning and educational support for environmental stewardship.
  • Environmental disaster relief in local communities

Health and
Human Services

We support communities through involvement with health and human service efforts. Our intent is to drive prosperity and enrich the health and safety of our local and global communities. Engagement in this area spans multiple efforts and approaches to meet needs.

Specific efforts in this space have included:

  • Programs that support women re-entering the workforce
  • Disaster relief efforts in response to immediate safety and necessity needs
  • Implementation of community crisis response centers during impact events
  • Pandemic support for first responders, medical facilities, and communities across regions

Corporate Community Engagement Approach

Keysight’s corporate community engagement approach spans
citizenship, philanthropy, and volunteerism programs.

Corporate Citizenship

Keysight recognizes that companies play a significant role in the prosperity of local and global communities in which they do business. As such, we implement targeted company-level philanthropic and volunteer efforts aligned to our community focus areas, including strategic partnerships and volunteerism aligned to these partners, and crisis or disaster response.

Giving Program

Our annual Giving Program engages employees in philanthropic activities, providing them the opportunity to support a broad range of eligible nonprofit organizations and have their donations matched. While the program is implemented in each region to meet local needs, our intent is to align company and employee values with community prosperity.


Volunteerism is supported by Keysight leadership and across the company. While some efforts align with our corporate citizenship strategic partnerships, volunteerism spans the hierarchy with employees across the organization donating their time to help local communities thrive. In North America, employees have 4 hours paid time off each month to volunteer, while other regions implement efforts according to local need.

Employee-driven Support for Community Engagement

Community engagement has always been a hallmark of Keysight’s employee values. Active employee engagement across our corporate citizenship, Giving Program, and volunteerism efforts has been, and will continue to be, critical to the success of these programs in driving positive community impact.

While each employee can support these efforts as aligned to their own values, our Keysight executive and site leadership, as well as robust employee network groups (ENGs), take an active role in managing and implementing related activities as well. Through multi-level efforts, Keysight supports local employees donating to and volunteering in their communities.

In addition, our corporate programs utilize an employee-based advisory committee to help govern our community engagement strategy and deliver on our philanthropic and volunteerism commitments worldwide.

Related Key Impact Goals

Communities Key Impact Goals

Keysight's key impact goals measure progress toward our CSR vision. The company’s engagement and investment in communities are set annually at the corporate and local site levels, and have focused in the areas of STEM education, women and underrepresented minorities in technology, health and human services, and environmental sustainability.

End Fiscal Year 2023 Results


in value committed to strengthening communities


students, future engineers, and technology skill learners engaged through STEM education

(superpassed goals)

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