The W7010E PathWave IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis add-on enables simulation, tuning, and optimization of device behavior using Keysight's PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) or the provided SPICE3 simulator or by linking directly to supported external simulators.


The W7010E PathWave IC-CAP Simulation and Analysis includes:

  • Fast links to most  commercial circuit simulators
  • Optimization algorithms and tuning
  • Up to 10 ADS parallel licenses for fast optimization and real-time tuning experience
  • DataPro for statistical modeling

The Simulation and Analysis package includes support for most commercial circuit simulators, including Keysight's  ADS, Synopsys' HSPICE and FineSim, Cadence's MMSIM and PSPICE, Mentor Graphics ELDO and Analog FastSPICE (AFS), Silvaco's SmartSpice, and SPICE3. Note that with the exception of ADS, commercial simulators require additional licenses to run.

The add-on includes a special ADS license that allows up to 10 concurrent ADS simulator processes to maximize simulation and optimization speed. This license contains ADS Linear, Transient, Harmonic Balance, Noise, and Verilog-A  analyses.

The package includes 13 robust optimization algorithms and the Plot Optimizer, conveniently setting up optimizers directly from any IC-CAP plots. This product contains the legacy W8503EP DataPro.