Nemo 5G Device Analytics is an in-depth troubleshooting, benchmarking and analytics software for 5G chipset and device testing in labs.



  • Single software environment for efficient troubleshooting and benchmarking of 5G devices
  • Synchronized and interleaved messages from 5G network emulator and Device Under Test (DUT)
  • Automated problem detection and diagnosis across all layers of the protocol stack
  • Support for multiple device manufacturers, device models, and chipsets
  • Support for multiple device logging tools
  • Automated processing and reporting
  • Enables 5G device troubleshooting for all Keysight 5G Wireless Network Emulation Toolsets

Intelligent analytics for 5G chipsets and devices

Nemo 5G Device Analytics is an in-depth troubleshooting and benchmarking software for 5G devices in labs; an ideal solution for device manufacturers, network operators, device labs, and chipset manufacturers developing and testing 5G NR devices.

Speeding up time-to-revenue of new 5G NR devices

Nemo 5G Device Analytics correlates messages from 5G signal emulator, such as Keysight UXM, and UE messages, making troubleshooting more intuitive and efficient. In addition, automated anomaly and problem detection with diagnosis can fast track troubleshooting process.

Nemo 5G Device Analytics enhances the quality of devices by providing a consistent troubleshooting environment for all users. Automated anomaly and problem detection reduces the chances of missing important problems.

Enabling high-quality 5G NR device rollout through performance benchmarking

Nemo 5G Device Analytics will give you objective insight into comparable 5G device features and selected KPIs. It enables 5G device benchmarking as part of 5G Device Benchmarking Toolset.