EXR2MEM is a post-purchase option that adds memory to reach up to 400 Mega points per channel on all channels of the EXR-Series oscilloscope. (All EXR-Series scopes come with 100 Mpts/ch standard.) Increase performance without shipping your scope back to the factory for this upgrade.


Arm your Infiniium EXR-Series oscilloscope to capture the next 5,000+ waveforms and save them for analysis with this post-purchase upgrade.  Adds memory to a maximum of 400 Mpts/channel. Additional memory is applied across all channels. (You do not have to ship your scope to Keysight to apply this upgrade.)
EXR2MEM-001:  Upgrade, 200 Mpts/ch
EXR2MEM-002: Memory Upgrade, 400 Mpts/ch