With the accelerating evolution of Electronic Warfare (EW) threats, dramatic improvements in test and evaluation are not optional. Welcome to a new era: Keysight is stepping forward as a commercial collaborator, creating and delivering the rapidly adaptable solutions you need to succeed far into the future.

Our mission: work with your team to ensure enhanced realism and greater confidence.

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Prevailing in the EM Environment

The electromagnetic (EM) spectrum connects all of us. Military forces rely on the EM spectrum to support intelligence and military operations via communications, enhanced situational awareness, and targeted maneuvers. In today’s conflicts, the winner gains control of the EM spectrum.

You need to address the evolving needs of EM spectrum operations with flexible, scalable threat simulation and analysis solutions. With a legacy in radio-frequency (RF) test and innovation, Keysight supports the detection, identification, and location of RF emitters in the congested spectrum. We can help you gain confidence in your electronic warfare innovations.

Electronic Warfare Challenge

Evolutions in targets, electronic warfare (EW), and countermeasures require complex signal generation and analysis for advanced simulation and testing of multiple emitters. The challenges in detection, avoidance, electronic warfare and countermeasures evolves as technology advances.

In all cases, the testing of today's systems benefits from high‑performance test equipment — analog and vector signal generators, spectrum analyzers, vector signal analyzers, vector network analyzers and more. From simulations of an arriving wave front with multiple emitters to testing of precision components in a receiver, our solutions are ready for the complexity of EW test applications.

High-density threat simulation

Create validated, performance‑optimized multi‑emitter signal scenarios for EW test from 0 – 40 GHz with the Z9500A Simulation View for dynamic scenarios or Multi‑Emitter Scenario Generation (MESG) software for pre-scripted scenarios.

High-density threat simulation

Quickly adapt to new, complex threats with scalable signal simulation by creating complex, high pulse density EW scenarios and simulate Angle of Arrival (AoA) and kinematics (moving platforms) simultaneously. Our solution combines signal generation, hardware and software calibration, and application software for pre-scripted or dynamic threat generation scenarios. The application software has been configured to simulate an electronic battlefield with thousands of emitters.

Note: The EW software is subject to ITAR export regulations. For more information, a live demonstration, or a trial license, please contact your Keysight sales representative.

Deploy More Quickly with Automated Testing

For radio test manufacturers and depots, testing consumes time and resources to satisfy aspects ranging from infrastructure to supplier product integration. Adapting to changing test requirements and environments is challenging with disconnected, homegrown software. You need a flexible and scalable desktop test automation solution. Our PathWave test automation software satisfies custom automation requirements by enabling a connected workflow to ease the integration process. Simple plugins allow test sequencing with no programming. With PathWave, you ensure a consistent user experience, common data formats, and efficient data sharing.

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