Modern Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations

You need to address the evolving needs of electromagnetic spectrum operations (EMSO) with flexible, scalable threat simulation and analysis solutions. Keysight supports the detection, identification, and location of radio-frequency (RF) emitters. Our mission is to help ensure enhanced realism and greater confidence in your electronic warfare (EW) testing. Contact us today to learn more about how Keysight can support the development of your electronic warfare system.

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Everything You Need to Know About EW System Development

Electronic warfare systems use the electromagnetic spectrum to support communications, sensing, and defense. Modern EW systems continuously evolve as new and emerging technologies transform these systems. Digital and programmable RF equipment, such as EW software-defined radios, adds complexity. In addition, radars can quickly change waveforms, making it challenging to locate, identify, and confuse hostile emitters. Address these evolving needs with flexible, scalable threat simulation and analysis solutions.

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Video: EW Advanced Simulator Platform (EWASP) for Threat Simulation and Analysis

Check out the signal descriptor word (SDW) streaming capabilities of the Keysight VXG Signal Generator with Simulation View software and our UXR scope.

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Chris Johnston, Keysight

Chris Johnston, Director, Radar & Electronic Warfare Solutions

Above & Beyond Podcast: Understanding the EMSO Spectrum to Overcome EW and Radar Challenges

Find out how technology developments impact the operational environment so you can stay current with the latest technical advancements.

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Greg Patschke, Keysight

Greg Patschke, General Manager, Information Warfare

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