Massive data flow from 5G and the Internet of Things is driving explosive traffic growth and creating unprecedented bandwidth demand throughout the network and data center. As 400G transceivers roll out in data centers, 800G research is underway. We partner with industry leaders in the development of the standards as they evolve to provide and recommend test solutions. Discover how Keysight's solutions can help at every stage of the development cycle, through manufacturing, with solutions that save test time and avoid costly redesigns.

Discover Keysight's comprehensive multi-platform solutions for optical and electrical validation and conformance test at 112 Gbps and 224 Gbps per lane.

800G Design and Simulation

800G pushes PAM4 signaling to physical boundaries. Overcoming the resulting challenges in high-speed serial design usually takes months. Gain essential design efficiency through integrated channel and electromagnetic simulation. Accurately simulate complex signal links, including jitter, equalization, and clock and data recovery, with the channel simulator and IBIS-AMI models in just minutes with PathWave Advanced Design System. Keysight’s industry-first electrical-optical-electrical (E-O-E) solution enables you to analyze your optical link from end to end by simulating your design within a given bit error ratio target.

Keysight’s IxVerify offers virtualized Ethernet design verification solutions that reduce dedicated and specialized hardware costs while increasing flexibility.

800G Validation Test

To achieve 800 Gb/s link capacity, you need to make trade-offs depending on your existing infrastructure’s cost, power consumption, space, and backward-compatibility needs. Keysight’s R&D real-time optical transceiver test solutions provide the highest bandwidth and flexibility for reliable, in-depth analysis of 800G links. The new M8199A arbitrary waveform generator supporting higher-order modulation schemes, combined with the most accurate UXR Infiniium 110 GHz oscilloscope with the lowest noise floor, enables you to validate the true performance of your device.

Testing physical-layer interconnects such as backplanes, cables, connectors, interposers, chipsets, and printed circuit boards is no longer a trivial task. Keysight’s Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) software and scalable vector network analyzers enable you to test up to 32 channels at 53 GHz. We can help ensure that the signal integrity of your designs meets the demands of advanced networks up to 800G.

800G Parametric Test

Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) allow next-generation 800G networks to yield higher capacity and significantly improve power consumption and manufacturability. You need opto-electric wafer-level parametric tests, including electrical measurements of sheet resistance and capacitance and optical measurements of attenuation and responsivity, to characterize PIC material and structure quality. Keysight’s photonic on-wafer test solutions, including the new N4372E 110 GHz lightwave component analyzer, can help you characterize your PICs and optical devices.

800G Conformance Test

800G standards, like the IEEE 802.3ck 100 Gb/s per lane electrical standard, continue to evolve. We continually update Keysight’s 802.3ck-based test solutions to track the standard’s development. Our solutions help you validate new test methods and specifications before the standard is complete. For 100, 200, 400, and 800 Gb/s standards, you need easy-to-use automated test applications that do not require an in-depth understanding of the standards. We can help you reduce the characterization time of your PAM4 devices from hours to minutes.

800G Manufacturing Test

Successful 800G manufacturing test requires the production of quality components and devices at the lowest cost possible. You need highly accurate and efficient test systems. We can help you reduce the cost of your 800G manufacturing test system by minimizing test equipment idle time, increasing effective system throughput, and reducing the amount of equipment required to meet capacity needs.

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