• Guided Setup, Automated Stress Signal Calibration and Conformance Measurement according to IEEE 802.3ck Standard for chip-to-module (C2M) and chip-to-chip (C2C) interfaces 
  • Remote-controlled Instruments for Test Automation and Reduced User Interaction
  • Data analytics ready
  • Flexible licensing

Test Definition and Connection Diagram

The test application provides a list of all addressable calibrations and conformance tests according to their respective references under the IEEE 802.3ck standard. Detailed connection diagrams and instructions are provided by the test application when each calibration or test is selected.

M8091CKCA Test and Connecting Diagram
M8091CKCA Compliance and Debug Mode

Compliance and Debug Mode

All calibration steps are automated. The test application prompts the user when user interaction is required for connecting the test instruments. User is also offered to test the devices beyond the standard recommendation with debug mode and adapt quickly to the latest standard changes.

Calibration and Test Results

Results of the individual calibration steps and tests are presented in tabular form as well as a graphical form where appropriate. Calibrations and test results can be stored in projects and recalled at a later point in time which can also be generated in HTML-based test reports.

M8091CKCA Calibration Test Result

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M8091CKCA Test and Connecting Diagram

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