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M8091CKCA Electrical receiver conformance test application for IEEE 802.3ck

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The M8091CKCA electrical receiver conformance test application enables accurate and repeatable receiver test procedures following the IEEE 802.3ck Draft 3.3 recommendations to ensure interoperability between datacom interfaces with a lane rate of 106 Gbps. The test procedures are based on the Channel Operating Margin (COM) method for chip-to-chip (C2C) testing and on the stressed eye method for chipto-module (C2M) testing.


Key Features


• 100GAUI-1, 200GUI-2, 400GAUI-4 C2C and C2M interfaces testing following recommendations from IEEE 802.3ck (Draft 3.3) Annex 120F Chip-to-Chip (C2C)

-       120F.3.2.4 Receiver Interference Tolerance Test

-       120F.3.2.5 Receiver Jitter Tolerance Test Annex 120G Chip-to-Module (C2M) Host & Module Input

-       120G.3.3.5 Host Stressed Input Test

-       120G.3.4.3 Module Stressed Input Test


• C2M test coverage includes near-end and far-end host input test and module input test with high- and low-loss channel


• Guided setup, automated stressed signal calibration and pre-conformance measurement


• HTML test report


• Remote Control & Data Analytics 


• Choose between node-locked, transportable, network, USB-dongle perpetual license 




The M8091CKCA v1.1 electrical receiver conformance test application is designed to assist and simplify the stressed signal calibration used for testing the inputs of IEEE 802.3ck Draft 3.3 chip-to-chip (C2C) and chip-to-module (C2M) electrical interfaces using either a Keysight M8040A 64Gbaud Higher Performance BERT or a Keysight M8050A 120Gbd High-Performance BERT combined with a Keysight Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA) time-equivalent oscilloscope or Infiniium UXR real-time oscilloscope. It reduces user interaction to a minimum and performs all required calibration routines and compliance testing automatically by remote-controlling all required instruments. At the same time, it offers flexibility to test different scenarios within or beyond the standard recommendations.


The test application utilizes the same framework as other Keysight conformance test applications, thus reducing the training time and offering the functionalities remote control, scripting, and automated pdf or HTML-based test report generation.  The user is guided by means of diagrams as well as text to minimize errors. Results of the individual calibration steps and tests are presented in tabular form as well as graphical form, where appropriate. Calibrations and test results can be stored in projects and recalled later.


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