• Delta-L 2-line PCB insertion loss/inch extraction
  • Channel Loss Compensation for more accurate TDR waveforms
  • Hardware support for newest vector network analyzers

The new Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2023 is the industry standard for signal integrity measurements and data post processing of high-speed interconnects, such as cables, backplanes, PCBs and connectors. Many signal integrity laboratories around the world have benefited from the power of PLTS in the R and D prototype test phase. PLTS 2023 has now migrated to a powerful 64-bit application unleashing high port count s-parameter measurements. Today’s 800G internet infrastructure demands multi-port channel analysis to mitigate crosstalk issues that can cause bit errors and the new 64-bit PLTS application enables deeper memory for those large data files of 16-port and 32-port s-parameter measurements.

Add applications to the N19301B Base Analysis for a complete signal integrity measurement solution:

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N19301B PLTS Advanced Calibration

  • The N19301B Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2023 software is a powerful signal integrity tool for today’s high-speed digital designers.

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