Efficient Wafer level test

Optical components for the data center infrastructure design margins and low energy consumption targets are getting under pressure with higher data rates. This adds various forms of device integration.

  • Integrated photonics technologies emerge to integrate various optical components, to scale parallel optical channels
  • Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) technology is a foundation to integrate and co-package electrical silicon devices with optical components
  • Chip makers move to selling dies (instead of packaged devices) that are further integrated into multi-die designs.
  • Opportunities arise to qualify known-good dies
  • In the long term, device integration can lead to a lack of access to devices for test purposes. New ways of testing multi-die and integrated devices need to be developed

Keysight provides complete test solutions for silicon photonics wafer test:

  • with wavelength and polarization-dependent measurements with tunable laser source, polarization synthesizer, multiport power meter, and source measurement unit with application software
  • RF tests with Keysight lightwave component analyzer
  • Automated wafer probing with FormFactor probe station
High Speed Digital Design using ADS Software

RF and DC O/E and E/O Design Analysis

Keysight's solution portfolio comprises the complete toolset you need to do high-frequency O/E and E/O measurements up to 67 GHz and beyond:

Speed up with Test Automation

Keysight helps you reduce test time and cost with:

Automation graphic
High Speed Digital Design using ADS Software

One-Stop Wafer Production Test

Keysight also provides solutions for silicon photonics wafer manufacturing test using fully-automated wafer probers:

  • One-stop integrated solution
  • Automated one-pass testing
  • Ready for volume production
  • High-throughput testing
  • Guaranteed system performance
  • Dedicated support model

NX5402A Silicon Photonics Wafer Test System

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Keysight offers attractive hardware/software/service bundles designed to meet your specific requirements:

S2501A Passive optical component test toolset (passive with tuning elements)

S2502A Optical receiver component test toolset (DC only)

S2503A Optical receiver & modulator components test toolset (DC and RF)

S2504A Optical modulator component test toolset (DC and RF)

S2505A Optical dual-polarization IQ modulator component on-wafer test (DC and RF)

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