A Growing Family

The N77-Cs have a family-wide, common trigger concept, and a modern, browser-accessible user interface, making it convenient to configure the instrument’s functionality. High-speed measurement data acquisition, faster data interfaces, the use of dual-ported RAM for uninterrupted simultaneous measurement and readout, and fast power range switching help avoid unnecessary delays in the measurement process as well as in post-processing.

  • High-speed measurement data acquisition for swept-wavelength and transient measurements
  • Analog output with linear or logarithmic feedback for alignment from lowest first-light detection
  • Standard BNC connector with 0 to 2 V output
  • Exchangeable connector interfaces support a wide range of common fiber-optic connectors
  • The instruments can be controlled via LAN and USB
  • The comprehensive hardware and trigger concept along with its large memory storage gives the flexibility to adapt the power meter to many test needs
  • The instrument programming code is compatible to the Lightwave solution

GUI Available via LAN or USB, no Software Installation Required

The graphical user interface opens after accessing the instrument from your web browser. If a LAN connection is not available, it is sufficient to connect the instrument via USB to a PC. The instrument shows up as a new drive with a shortcut. A click on that shortcut lets any modern browser open a connection to the instrument: the graphical user interface appears. It’s as simple as that!

Key Specifications

Sensor Types

InGaAs with optional filters

Operating Wavelength Ranges

1250 to 1650nm,

800 to 1650nm,

800 to 1700nm

Power Ranges

-80 to 10 dBm,

-70 to 20 dBm,

-110 to 10 dBm

Uncertainty at ref. conditions

± 2.5%

Form Factor

Half-19" unit w/ built-in web-browser GUI or viewer software

Multiport Power Meters

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