Network Emulator II

Network Emulator II

Emulate real-world network impairment conditions

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  • Integrates with Keysight IxNetwork™, IxLoad™, and BreakingPoint™ test systems for a complete test environment that includes real-world impairments
  • Enables validation, performance, and interoperability testing
  • Features 8 Port FPGA hardware architecture that provides 100% line-rate performance
  • Allows IT to test mixed speeds simultaneously using one device
  • Offers robust profile configuration for line-rate packet capture; produces standard PCAP output format
  • Precisely reproduces and quickly resolves issues occurring in the field
  • Provides a single hardware platform for Ethernet 10GE, 1GE, and 100MB speeds
  • Delivers flexible resource management

Precision Testing for Real-World Networks

Problem: Worst-Case Scenarios for Live Environments

Many organizations overlook the importance of emulating realistic and worst-case network scenarios in the lab. Failure to test variables such as application performance, effect of delay, and fail-over protection can have serious real-world implications.

Without insight into the performance of new hardware, protocols, and applications, the risk of deployment problems rises dramatically. Organizations need a way to reproduce realistic network conditions and behavior to avoid impairments and achieve bottom-line benefits.

Solution: Real-World Networks in the Lab

Keysight's Network Emulator II is a precision test instrument for 10GE, 1GE, and 100MbE Ethernet impairment that enables IT to accurately emulate network conditions that occur over live production LAN/WAN networks. With Keysight’s next-generation network emulation, organizations can validate and test the performance of new hardware, protocols, and applications in a controlled lab environment.

  • How will applications perform when distributed across data centers?
  • What will be the precise effects of delay on application and network performance?
  • How will data center backup perform in a real-life environment?

Keysight Network Emulator II answers all these questions to determine real-world network performance without real-world repercussions.

For critical operational deployments, Network Emulator II can be combined with Bypass switches that allow Network Emulator II to be switched in and out of operational networks swiftly and easily with minimal disruption to live network traffic.

Network Emulator - Precision testing

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