A High-Performance PXI System

Keysight's breakthrough technology enables the latest innovations in quantum, aerospace defense, and more. The M5000 Series consists of four high performance PXIe modules:

  • M5200A PXIe Digitizer
  • M5201A PXIe Downconverter
  • M5300A PXIe RF AWG
  • M5301A PXIe Baseband AWG
  • M5302A PXIe Digital I/O

Build a PXI system using the M5000 Series and the M9046A chassis with the scalability to meet your needs and performance required for your applications.

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Quantum Control

The M5000 Series forms the backbone for the Keysight Quantum Control System (QCS) – complete digital solution that eliminates the need to design custom control solutions.

Analog LOs and mixers in traditional hardware used for quantum control require frequent calibration, introduce leakage noise, and contribute to slow drifts in the performance of the system. The Keysight M5000 Series fully eliminates the need for these components leading to enhanced ease-of-use, unrivaled noise performance, and improved long-term stability.

M9046A PXIe 18-slot chassis

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