5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

The Keysight BT2200 Charge-Discharge Platform is cost-effective and easily configurable for Li-Ion cell formation. Modular configurations support cells requiring maximum currents ranging from 6A to 200A, with 8-256 cells or user channels per chassis. You can easily deploy different channel configurations as your cell requirements and capacities change; you simply use the same charge-discharge modules and change the external wiring connections to create new parallel new combinations of channels.

The BT2200 platform is based on two chassis (208VAC and 400VAC 3-phase) that support up to 8 charge-discharge modules per chassis. Each module provides 32 physical channels capable of ± 6.25A charge-discharge and 6V. Combinations of up to 32 physical channels on each module can be paralleled in groups for greater charge-discharge current. If all 32 channels on a module are paralleled, a charge-discharge current of ± 200A is provided for large-capacity cells.

For 400VAC 3-phase AC mains operation:

  • BT2202A Charge-Discharge Chassis 400VAC 3 phase
  • BT2204B Charge-Discharge Module

For 208VAC 3-phase AC mains operation:

  • BT2203B Charge-Discharge Chassis 208V AC 3 phase
  • BT2204B Charge-Discharge Module

The BT2200 platform uses highly efficient AC power regeneration during cell discharge to reduce net energy consumption to lower your operating costs. This generates less heat in the electronics, and less waste heat to be managed in your facility. The compact size of the BT2200 platform reduces floor space you need to devote to your formation process and decreases capital expenses.

Accurate 4-wire measurements of current, voltage, and capacity are made at an update rate of 1s. 4-wire measurements assure accurate charge-discharge levels.
Programming Interfaces: USB and LAN.
GPIO: Configurable digital IO for fault monitoring & shutdown

Eight unique sequences consisting of charge, discharge and rest steps may be defined per system. Each sequence may contain up to 256 steps. Each sequence step can define up to 32 test conditions that are checked once per second during the step.

User-defined test conditions monitor the following parameters during individual sequence steps: Voltage, Current, Power, Ah, Wh, ΔV/Δt, ΔI/Δt, ΔV, ΔI. Once the limits of a condition are exceeded, the cell is considered as failed and further charging/discharging of that cell stops, while other cells continue with the sequence.

The BT2200 platform includes a “probe check” capability to assure good connections to your cells. The integrity of the power and sense leads on each channel are checked at the beginning of charge/discharge operations before connecting to a cell, and monitored continuously thereafter.

An internal calibration source is calibrated by external equipment at a one-year interval. All individual channels are calibrated via an internal transfer calibration process from the internal source.

Visit the Technical Support page to download free evaluation software for the BT2200.

Cost-effective, easily configurable Li-Ion cell charge-discharge.

  • Modular configurations from 6A to 200A, 8 to 256 channels.
  • Up to 8 modules per chassis, 32 physical charge-discharge channels per module.
  • Combinations of up to 32 physical channels on each module can be paralleled in groups for greater charge-discharge current.

Charge-Discharge Current

  • Range: ± 6.25A per physical channel. Up to 32 channels can be paralleled to increase range up to ± 200A per user channel.
  • Sampling interval: 1s


  • Range: Charging and Discharging 0-6V; see data sheet for details.
  • Sampling interval: 1s


  • AC input: 208VAC or 400VAC 3-phase
  • Programming Interface: USB and LAN
  • GPIO: Configurable digital IO for fault monitoring & shutdown

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