Capture amplifier nonlinearity and create predistortion algorithms and settings for linearization of cellular and WiFi systems.


The W4510E PathWave DPD Design Kit includes:

  • Provides advanced wideband algorithms for both PA modeling and pre-distortion
  • Quickly assess wideband RF components with 4G/5G test vectors
  • Links to the latest wideband test equipment and Keysight PathWave ADS
  • Accommodates proprietary DPD models

The W4510E PathWave Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) Design Kit quickly models and corrects common sources of nonlinearities and memory effects in power amplifiers and transceiver IC’s. It contains several sophisticated algorithms for crest-factor reduction (CFR), DPD, signal generation, and instrument control rolled into a single, easy, wizard-based UI. System architects and RF component designers can use the DPD Design Kit to quickly assess and improve link-level performance, partitioning, and component selection. Baseband algorithm developers, RF architects and RF component designers can also use the DPD Design Kit to accelerate the actual implementation of linearization networks.

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