• Provides an electrically and mechanically non-intrusive connection to all signals (address, command, control and 4 or 8 bits of data) between a U4154A or 16900 Series logic analysis system and DDR3 DRAMs.
  • Provides access to representative signals for scope measurement of compliance to JEDEC specification.
  • Provides observation of data traffic on industry-standard DDR3 DIMMs.
  • Works with all solder finishes. Designed to tolerate lead-free soldering temperature profiles.
  • Requires E5847A ZIF probe to connect W3633A DDR3 BGA probe to the logic analyzer cable.
  • For more details please contact your local Keysight Technologies, Inc. sales representative.

Best in Test 2009 award winners

The W3633A DDR3 BGA probe allows you to get complete signal access to the DDR3 signals critical to your debug and validation effort. The probe works in existing designs and eliminates the need for up front planning or re-design. The probe connects directly to the balls of the DRAM, enabling you to operate at full speed and acquire high-speed DDR3 signals without impacting the performance of your design.

DDR3 x4/x8 BGA Command and Data Probe for Logic Analyzer and Scope

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