• Provides signal accessibility points for the LPDDR SDRAM, LPDDR NVM and mobile-DDR DRAM ball grid array (BGA) package
  • Operating transfer rate of up to 400 Mb/s, 1.5 GHz bandwidth
  • Buried resistors provide signal isolation and minimize capacitive loading
  • Attach to W2639A LPDDR scope adapter board and E2678A for connection to the oscilloscope and E5384A or E5826A, single-ended ZIF probes for connection to the logic analyzer


The W2637A LPDDR BGA probe allows you to get complete signal access to the LPDDR and mobile-DDR signals critical to your debug and validation effort with Keysight logic analyzers and oscilloscopes. The LPDDR BGA probes enable viewing of data traffic on industry standards LPDDR SDRAM, LPDDR NVM and mobile-DDR SDRAM. The probe works in existing designs and eliminates the need for up-front planning or redesign. The probe connects directly to the balls of the DRAM, enabling you to operate at full speed and acquire high-speed LPDDR signals without impacting the performance of your design.

S-parameter models are available for use with InfiniiSim for de-embedding purposes.

The LPDDR BGA probes also offer BGA probe sockets for easy probe attachment.


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