Key Features

  • Minimizes crosstalk with exceptionally high port-to-port isolation of >100 dB
  • Broad operating frequency range provides flexibility in test setup
  • Increases throughput with industry-leading settling time for FET switches of 350 us
  • Low video leakage of < 5 mVpp reduces the risk of damaging sensitive RFIC components
  • Eliminates the need for external drivers with an integrated TTL-compatible driver

Increase the flexibility of your test systems

Keysight U9400A solid state FET transfer switch offers outstanding performance in isolation, switching speed and video leakage over a broad operating frequency range from 300 KHz to 8 GHz. The low video leakage of these switches makes them particularly well suited for testing sensitive RFIC components. Use the U9400A in RF and microwave switching applications requiring high isolation, fast switching speed and low video leakage over a long switching lifecycle.

 U9400A Solid State FET Transfer Switch, 300 kHz To 8 GHz

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