• Maximizes your operating frequency range from 300 kHz up to 18 GHz
  • Minimizes cross-talk with a high COM to OFF port isolation above 90 dB
  • Provides highly repeatable measurements with low insertion loss of less than 5.0 dB
  • Eliminates the need for external driving circuitry with an integrated TTL/CMOS driver
  • Provides biasing simplicity with a single DC bias voltage operation
  • Increases your switching response for high speed signal routing applications with a fast settling time of approximately 500 µs

The Keysight U9397C solid state switch maximizes your frequency range from 300 kHz up to 18 GHz, offering excellent performance with high isolation, low SWR and fast switching speed. Applications include instrumentation, communications, radar, and many other test systems that require high speed RF and microwave SPDT switching.

For more information about RF/Microwave Solid State Switch, please visit RF & Microwave Solid State Switches.

U9397C FET Solid State Switch

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