A Broad Range of PCIe Developer Tools in One Instrument

The Keysight U4305B offers a broad range of PCI Express (PCIe) test tools for validation of Gen1, Gen2, and Gen3 operation for all lane widths up to x16. This PCIe & LTSSM exerciser features a variety of tools to address your requirements, including new technologies like NVMe and L1 substate operation. 

  • Standard PCIe half-size card form factor to fit into most platforms
  • LTSSM test cases come with detailed reporting to define the source of the found failures
  • Built-in API interface stores previously developed test cases
  • Non-volatile memory express (NVMe) emulator creates operational scripts to simulate a host root complex
  • Easy-to-use test architecture, single click to run all tests
  • Test bench for automated test scripting and reporting

One Card, Multiple PCIe Test Applications

The Keysight U4305B exerciser can be configured to provide sub-protocol layer test and debug for legacy and next-generation PCIe devices. 

  • PCIe Exerciser: Emulate PCIe device or root complex with tools to test and verify operations
  • Protocol Test Card: Test to the protocol standard of the PCI-SIG with our automated test package for both PCIe 2.0 and 3.0 tests
  • LTSSM Tests: Perform link negotiations testing and thoroughly test a DUT’s LTSSM functions
  • RAS Fault & Error Testing: Ensure system performance, resiliency, and reliability when faults occur with Intel® RAS validation framework 

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