• Provides multiport calibrated measurements using external switch matrix module.
  • Supports M9164A/B or M9165A/B PXI solid-state switches.
  • Controls calibration and measurement for VNA and switch matrix.
  • Converts and transfers measurement data to a VNA viewer when acting as a multi-port VNA.

This application provides a macro which enables full multiport error correction and measurement capabilities using external switch instruments such as the M9164A/B or M9165A/B PXI Solid-state Switch Matrix. The software includes an easy-to-use measurement wizard that simplifies measurement procedures and reduces the setup time of complicated multiport measurements. The VNA displays measured multiport S-parameters.
With the combination of M980xA PXIe VNAs and M916xA/B switch matrix, up to 66 ports (2 VNAs (4 ports and 6 ports M980xA), plus 4 modules of 2x16 M9164A/B) can be configured and supported. Measurement specification is supported when using the M9164B/M9165B 9 GHz switch modules.

Only 4-port ECal modules (i.e. N4431/32/33D) are supported for multiport calibration with the S95553B.

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