• Full N-port error correction
  • Standard S-parameters across all N-ports
  • Balanced S-parameter measurements
  • SE-Bal, Bal-Bal, SE-SE-Bal topologies
  • Mixed-mode, imbalance, and common mode rejection ratio (CMRR) parameters
  • Unratioed receiver measurements

The S93551B adds a multiport analyzer mode that enables full N-port error correction and measurement capabilities using an external test set. Only standard measurement class is available in the multi-port analyzer mode. For multiport analysis greater than 8 ports, it is highly recommended to use PLTS software N1930B to manage the large data format files that easily grow exponentially (12-port S-parameter files have 144 S-parameter elements). This capability is not available with PNA Option 200, 210, 400, and 410. S93551B is equivalent to Option 551 on PNA/PNA-L/PNA-X Series A model network analyzers.

You can find more info about multiport test sets under the Options & Accessories/Related Products tab.

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