Create Highly Accurate PDK Models for Emerging 5G and 6G MMICs

Shorten the design and verification cycle of your next-generation projects with a single sweep from 900 Hz to 220 GHz.

  • Highest output power at probe tip: 0 dBm at 220 GHz
  • Best dynamic range: 110 dB at 220 GHz
  • Broadest frequency range: 900 Hz to 220 GHz
  • Upgradable from the 125 GHz VNA configuration with N5295AX frequency extenders

The S93301B software application helps you configure a 220 GHz broadband vector network analyzer (VNA) with the following equipment:

  • One 4-port PNA
  • One 4-port N5292A test set controller
  • A pair of N5295AX frequency extenders
  • A pair of N5262BW05-EBx VDI frequency extenders
  • FormFactor T-Wave GSG Dual band probes with 50-to-100-um-pitch

The fully integrated broadband VNA solution using FormFactor’s WinCal calibration software and standards provides accurate calibration and the best measurement performance.

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