• Accurately control the phase of multiple signal sources for quadrature or differential drive, eliminating the need for hybrid couplers and baluns 
  • Tune receivers to all output frequencies required to fully characterize the DUT 
  • Sweep frequency with a fixed phase offset, or sweep phase or power at a fixed frequency 
  • Easily measure I/Q converters/modulators, differential mixers, or harmonics of differential amplifiers
  • S93089B only works on 4-port PNA or PNA-X models

The S93089B combines source-phase control of multiple internal or external sources with frequency-offset mode, enabling simplified test of I/Q modulators/converters and differential mixers, and harmonic measurements of differential amplifiers. The phase difference between sources can be fixed (for example, at 90 or 180 degrees), or swept between two specified phase values. Providing accurate control of the relative phase between sources eliminates the need for hybrid couplers and baluns to create quadrature or differential signals. After achieving the desired phase alignment, the instrument's receivers can be tuned to all frequencies needed to characterize the DUT. On an I/Q modulator for example, measurements can be made of both the desired and suppressed conversion bands, along with LO leakage, harmonics and other spurious signals. Phase sweeps can be used to determine a DUT’s phase imbalance versus frequency. Users can specify measurements with individual receivers or multiple receivers combined with a wide range of mathematical operators. Power measurements can employ match correction for increased accuracy.

The S93089B is equivalent to Option 089 on the PNA Series A models and only works on 4-port PNA or PNA-X models.

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