• Provides nonlinear DUT behavior (EVM, NPR, and ACPR) under modulated stimulus conditions.
  • Offers vector error correction and VNA calibration to reduce error and provide very low residual system EVM.
  • Covers frequency range up to and beyond 125 GHz.
  • Enables coherent measurements with multiple receivers to deliver fast measurements.
  • Supported on all PNA / PNA-X test set controller-based millimeter-wave solutions.

S930713B enables fast and accurate active-device modulation distortion characterization under modulated stimulus conditions up to and beyond 125 GHz. The wide dynamic range and vector error correction of the PNA-X results in an extremely low residual EVM of the test setup, delivering you a complete picture of your device’s performance without test system interference. S930713B measures EVM, NPR, ACPR, and decomposes nonlinear signals and linear signals with the spectral correlation between input and output spectrum without doing demodulation. Integration with the PNA-X SCCM provides quick modulation distortion measurements while making other VNA measurements.

A signal generator connected to the PNA-X provides the modulated stimulus. Supported signal generators: VXG (M9383B/84B), M9383A, PSG + M8190A, MXG, or UXG with U3039ACK1.

S930701B Modulation Distortion up to 13.5 GHz

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Extend the Capabilities of Your Modulation Distortion up to and Beyond 125 GHz

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