S9130A 5G Performance Multi-band Vector Transceiver

The S9130A 5G Performance Multi-Band Vector Transceiver leverages Keysight’s proven PXI vector transceiver platform to provide a compact test system with excellent EVM and ACLR performance for manufacturing and design verification test.


Applications: High-Performance test of 5G NR network equipment and radio components

  • 5G NR high performance base station transceiver systems
  • 5G NR components, including remote radio heads (RRH), distributed units (DU), active antenna arrays, amplifiers, chipsets


  • Best-In-Class EVM & ACLR performance with reduced footprint vs. benchtop instruments and extremely high test-throughput (“cloud ready”)
  • 12GHz DUT IF option to extend range of standard 8GHz vector transceiver
  • OTA readiness saves space & cost with single bi-directional remote head, with in-head switching for 2 polarizations, across all 24.25 to 43.5 GHz bands, delivering best-in-class power and EVM at chamber
  • Manufacturing effectiveness: 1.2 GHz BW, Tx/Rx with Best-In-Class EVM & ACLR, operates as single instrument (includes: switching, heads, API, measurements), easy automation with calibrated system accuracy that reduces rework and false verdicts


  • Wideband signal generation and analysis of 5G NR (3GPP Release 16 and higher) waveforms in both: FR1 (380 MHz to 8 GHz w/12GHz option) and FR2 (24.25 to 43.5 GHz)
  • Features “OTA-friendly” expandable architecture: avoids high losses from switching & long cable runs, supports one remote mmWave head.

Measurement applications and software

  • The S9130A system can be optionally factory configured at the time of ordering with the following measurement only application software:
  •  N9085EM0E – 5G NR Measurement Application (X-App)
  •  Y9085EM0E – 5G NR Waveform and Measurement Application
  • See S9130A Configuration Guide for additional recommended software (user installed) including: N7631EMBC Signal Studio Pro for 5G NR, N7630EMBC for pre-5G, 89600 VSA software, and KS8400A Test Automation Platform 

The Keysight S9130A 5G Performance Multi-Band Vector Transceiver with one transceiver covers FR1 (380 MHz to 8 GHz) along with one mmWave transceiver that covers FR2 (24.25 to 43.5 GHz).

Principais especificações

Generator/Analyzer Bandwidth
1.2 GHz
Nível de desempenho
Generator/Analyzer Bandwidth
Nível de desempenho
1.2 GHz
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Generator/Analyzer Bandwidth:
1.2 GHz
Nível de desempenho:

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