The whole mobile ecosystem, including device, chipset, and mobile network operators, benefits from lab testing with real devices. The S8809A RF Field-to-Lab Toolset creates a representation of real-world conditions in a lab environment.

  • Test interoperability of devices and real networks.
  • Benchmark device performance in real-world RF mobility and interference conditions.
  • Verify new technology rollouts. Identify and resolve issues earlier in the R&D process
  • Test in a lab against measured field conditions to obtain high test coverage in a repeatable and controlled test environment.

The S8809A toolset is extendable with:

RF Field-to-Lab Channel Modeling

RF Field to Lab Channel Modeling software

With the RF Field-to-Lab tool, you can easily bridge the gap between lab and field testing under realistic air-interface conditions through seamless real-world representation of the environment. This process accelerates the validation of wireless devices and network equipment. The RF Field-to-Lab tool offers a repeatable and realistic lab-based test method that enables you to cost-effectively and quickly verify multiple designs or multiple revisions of a single design. You can also build a library of RF Field-to-Lab test cases containing data measured in various locations around the world.

The RF Field-to-Lab tool imports radio channel parameters (e.g. cell ID, RSRP, SNR, and channel state indicators) from the measurement files to create a channel model for the channel emulator. The RF Field-to-Lab tool delivers a reliable replication of recorded field conditions without the need for additional modeling or user input.

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Channel Studio Geometric Channel Modeling Tool

Extend your S8809A toolset with the F9860000A Channel Studio Geometric Channel Modeling tool. The tool supports importing 3D antenna models and offers 3GPP-defined channel models to test V2X safety applications as well as on board Wi-Fi and cellular connection. It also supports device-to-device topologies.

The embedded GCM antenna model enables modeling arrays and beams and when combined with measured field data, you can re-create drive tests to verify massive MIMO base stations in real-world conditions.

Channel Studio is a state-of-the-art radio propagation channel modeling software. It supports user-defined 3D spatial scenarios and dynamic modeling of movement for 5G testing:

  • 3GPP 38.901 CDL FR1 and FR2 models
  • UMi, UMa, O2I, and I2O
  • SCME

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F9860A Channel Studio - radio propagation channel modeling software

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