• Ensure 24/7 operational network service and high Quality of Experience (QoE) for your customers in their home networks and when  roaming in another operator's network
  • Perform regression testing when making changes to the network as part of your continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) process
  • Ensure network quality of service (QoS) as defined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Streamline your network testing operations with Keysight’s technologically advanced and automated end-to-end remote monitoring solution
  • Future-proof your investment with an upgrade path to the latest technologies and flagship devices
  • Enable effective thermal control and testing in 5G networks across a range of environments with optional active cooling
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24/7 Service Assurance

As the number of 5G network rollouts has increased drastically leading to end-users' growing expectations of high-speed network connections, wireless service providers need to find a reliable way to secure network services in critical locations and ensure excellent customer experience across a range of environments. Keysight’s Nemo Active Probe has been designed so that active testing can be performed reliably in demanding 5G network conditions. With the new solution, wireless service providers and national regulators can perform roaming and regression testing and secure 24/7 operational network service, meeting service level agreements (SLAs) established to ensure adequate 5G connectivity levels.

Large-Scale Active Monitoring in Key Locations

Keysight’s Nemo Active Probe is an ideal solution for performing automated, unattended large-scale measurements in key locations where people are using their smartphones and where it is critical to ensure excellent network service. Nemo Active Probes can be deployed discreetly in hotspots, vehicles, and fixed locations, such as airports, offices, campuses, and shopping malls as well as in moving vehicles, such as trains, taxis, delivery trucks, and ships.

Using Keysight’s Nemo Cloud, a single user can monitor and control numerous fixed and mobile probes worldwide from a centralized location, enabling wireless service providers to decrease the reaction time to network problems and to improve network service levels faster than before.

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Efficiency Through Automation

Nemo Active Probe combines detailed and comprehensive measurement capabilities with cost-effectiveness and proven automated functionality. Most of the costs of traditional field testing come from the car, the driver, and the in-car technician. Unattended measurement probes can be deployed in fixed locations and existing transportation fleets minimizing the need for dedicated field personnel, reducing the cost of testing. Automation enables efficient resourcing when technically advanced personnel can focus on problem-solving and network development tasks instead of spending time in the field. Time spent on network testing is reduced by 20% and on manual field testing work by 80%.

Seamless End-to-End Solution

Nemo Active Probe with Nemo Cloud and Nemo analytics solutions provides a complete end-to-end solution to remotely monitor live networks and visualize key performance indicators (KPIs) such as latency, data connection quality, voice and video quality, and data throughput in real time. Nemo Active Probe supports all major technologies and the latest Android-based smartphones and test protocols. Service measurements for data and voice are also supported, including voice call and voice quality testing with POLQA 2 and 3, and social media testing with apps.

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